I am a poet and a data scientist; an avant garde publisher and a professional marketer; an activist, an astrologer and an innovator. I studied pure math and comparative literature. I don't think these things are contradictory.

I think it's the future.

One example of how this all comes together is in this article.

I have three books of poetry: Dear Alain (Tender Buttons Press, 2014), Trinity Star Trinity (Scarlet Imprint, 2017), and Scorpio (Miami University Press, 2018). 

Since 2013, I've collaborated on the award-winning Tender Buttons Press with Founding Editor Lee Ann Brown.  We publish experimental women's poetry, expanding the field of possible and probable since 1989.  Through Tender Buttons I've edited two volumes of poetry: Tender Omnibus: The First Twenty-Five Years of Tender Buttons Press and Please Add To This List: A Guide To Teaching Bernadette Mayer's Sonnets and Experiments.

For a decade, I've worked as a data scientist and engineer. I'm also Founder of The Ratio, a project to study astrology with data science.

Of course, Tender Buttons has some terrific new books forthcoming: a new edition of Dodie Bellamy's cult classic, Cunt-Ups, and Lynn Martin's wild embodiment of landscape, Shiver. Visit TenderButtonsPress.com for more...

The poems come when they come and then I write, as I believe I should. I'm also trying my hand at TV. Will keep you posted....

Some "non-professional" background --

I was born in Ohio in 1983 and raised on the border between rural and strip malls. I left home at 17 when I received a scholarship to study in France. I fell in love with learning new languages and systems of thought.

I worked my way through college, hostessing 40 hours a week or more. I dropped out and moved to Beijing. I did not speak Chinese; I now speak pretty decent Mandarin (for a white girl). In Beijing, I taught English and worked for a human rights organization, the Chinese Urgent Action Working Group. The organization continued to exist for a decade until it was shut down in 2016 via a series of brutal detentions and televised confessions.  Click here for a NYTimes write up. I left China after I was denied asylum at the US Embassy.

I learned that everything interesting is growing in the edges of a language not yet formed. I graduated and wrote a lot. I studied poetry at Bridgestreet Books in Washington D.C., visiting several times a week from 2008-2013. I moved to NYC in 2013, into the TornPage House of Geraldine Page and Rip Torn, now a beautiful space for artists, actors and writers to perform and collaborate. Today, I live in the East Village a few doors down from Frank O'Hara.

The leader photos on this website were proudly taken by me; the amazing headshots by my college roommate, the magnificent Keziban Barry.