“Poems sear in their straightforward simplicity…Bohinc delivers an astute, witty, feminist collection.” - Publishers Weekly

“The feeling of having just encountered new possibilities for lyric poetry.” -Tom Snarsky

Bohinc's engagement with the political, the historical, and the scientific in Scorpio bubbles to a roiling boil but doesn't spill over, proving that poetry can be at once visceral and factual, earthy and Einsteinian, metaphysical and mathematical.” - American Book Review

“LAVARTUS PRODEO [I go forward bewitched]” - Joshua Corey

“The reader, the speaker, the poem as soft and alone, as vulnerable in an uncertain world.” - Emily Corwin

Because I go to so many / bullshit meetings all day long, writes Katy Bohinc, I want / a literary song. This is a book of love songs and songs of despair. It takes place in bad times like these. True to the title, many of Scorpio's best poems are also its scariest.

-- Ariana Reines

Scorpio comes on fast, like a speeding star sent out from a galaxy that is both very far away and deeply here on earth, close with real things. In these poems, Bohinc relentlessly describes in pulsing and various tones a reality where loneliness is impossible and the mistakes of our age can be corrected with an instinctual elixir, where the pressures of society can be alleviated with a sweet internal and holy rage. This book is the essence of poetry: it's necessary, everchanging, and ferocious.

-- Dorothea Lasky

Scorpios remember pain and ache for a line break. They are harsh enough on themselves to think they are caged personas that mimic what they most pity. Bohinc realizes words are mere lies, yet she maneuvers them hauntingly to fight the demons of the night in order to retrieve a vocabulary for poems as intense and as necessary as water and communism.

-- Maged Zaher