Arguably the first use of poetry was witchcraft. Artists know a poem's birth can be magic.

Trinity Star Trinity re-invents the rhythms of the ancient ode as "three cubed," 27 poems of 27 words each.

Dedicated to Hera, the last of the earth goddesses before a 2,500 year reign of male deities, Trinity Star Trinity envisions a four-dimensional faith (trinity-cubed) where spirit and muse are in dialogue and devotion on mutual terms.

Performances of Trinity Star Trinity are offered as invocations to Hera and the Divine Feminine with candlelight and incense. Watch the sold-out London performance here. Audience members have felt transformed.

This text was published by the leader in Occult Publishing, London-based Scarlet Imprint. Hardcover and paperback editions are available here. Learn more in the Five-Starred Occulture Podcast #71.