poetry collections by Katy Bohinc



For Scorpio season, October 23rd

“Because I go to so many / bullshit meetings all day long,” writes Katy Bohinc, “I want / a literary song.” This is a book of love songs and songs of despair. It takes place in bad times like these. True to the title, many of Scorpio's best poems are also its scariest. ––Ariana Reines

“Scorpio comes on fast, like a speeding star sent out from a galaxy that is both very far away and deeply here on earth, close with real things. In these poems, Bohinc relentlessly describes in pulsing and various tones a reality where loneliness is impossible and the mistakes of our age can be corrected with an instinctual elixir, where the pressures of society can be alleviated with a sweet internal and holy rage. This book is the essence of poetry: it’s necessary, everchanging, and ferocious. ––Dorothea Lasky

Trinity Star Trinity


From Scarlet Imprint, London's leader in Occult publishing

A long poem dedicated to the Divine Feminine, Trinity Star Trinity reclaims the ancient form of the ode or chant in an Oulipian mathematical reinvention focused on taking faith or the trinity to a new dimension: three cubed, or 27 poems of 27 words each.

Dear Alain


Written in the form of love letters to world-reknowned philosopher Alain Badiou, Dear Alain is a metaphor for the relationship between poetry and philosophy. Jamieson Webster called it a "psycho-sexual Lacanian thriller" and Slavoj Zizek said "this book should be banished!" Includes a response by Badiou himself.

Watch Bohinc perform with Badiou here & read more here.